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среда, 29. август 2012.

Toby will betray

So, I know how every Spoby fan in the world is now disappointed and shocked by the unbelievable discovery from 3.12. That's right, the hottest heart breaker in Rosewood broke the hearts of the millions of fans around the globe by joining the dark one letter named side, the A team.

I have to admit, I cried, screamed, chocked on my snack and even considered throwing my laptop out the window, but then I decided to do exactly opposite.
I decided to give my poor heart a little break, and watch all Spoby scenes again. And it hit me.

In the scene where Spencer and Toby are saying goodbye to each other after the most beautiful first time I have ever seen on television, Toby hugged her, I looked really closely his (perfect!) face and I saw it. So clearly. There it was, right in front of me all along. His face was just...sad. He looked like he was hesitating, doubting in something, himself maybe?

Because, let's admit it. We couldn't fall in love with them if they hadn't fall in love with each other, right?

So, I'm thinking, Toby can't be so cold blooded. Above all, he loves Spencer. And I also think that the directors wanted us to know that by shooting this scene where we can catch a glimpse of Toby's sadness, doubting, and resentment towards himself.

My point is, he will betray again. He will betray the A team. He will stay exactly what we have seen in 3.12, a betrayer to the very end.

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