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уторак, 24. јануар 2012.

S by S?

Okay. So, I admit it. I'm truly, one hundred percent, caught up Gossip Girl fan. Surprised? Or did you read it on the right side of this page? :)

Anyway, I was just watching the latest episode online, and leaving aside for a second Serena's perfect hair, ( I mean, what's up with that??? She looks like she just got out of the bed! But not like the rest of us. You know, chaotic hair, one eye bloated etc. She looks... GOOD. No, that's not the word. She looks GREAT!) I can't help it wonder... how can she be so flawless, pretty, stylish, attractive, funny, and a GREAT WRITER? Some of us can't even have just one!

There she is, walking around the best city in the world, with her thin figure, amazing clothes, killing shoes (and hair. Oh my god, the HAIR!). Her friends are the Upper East Side elite. Her parents are well known business people who provide their angels everything they have. She parties like a rock star, and lives like a princess. She has everything that you (okay, I) can imagine, and more. And now, we see this beautiful fashionista in a whole different lighting. She's a talented, intellectual writer! How can this world be so cruel???

A few years ago, I was reading the books, and I thought she was amazing. I really did. I remember one quote , I think it goes like this: " She woke up with the sun on her cheeks, rolled heavily in the bed, wondering where she was, when she saw him. A beautiful college boy, with brown hair and innocent face. With blurry flashes from last night's partying, she got out of the bed (still dressed in last day's clothes!), picked her bag off the floor, got to the door quietly and came out on the street, without even looking in the mirror first, looking for the bus station". Do you see my point?! She is perfect!

And to conclude my shameless exposee,  I'm gonna say: "Cheers to you, S. You really have it all. And despite of that, we still love you, even though we're jealous as hell. You sure had some ups and downs like everyone else, but you know how to make the best of it".

                                                                                                          XOXO, Any.

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