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петак, 30. децембар 2011.

Yeah, Christmas is here! or How I just realized something

Ok. So holidays are finally here, and we're all exited about the presents, food, and what-not. But having barely 25 hours until Santa's knock on our doors, we can't help it wonder if we did everything on that " In 2011. I'm gonna..." list that are laying down all wrinkled in our sock drawers.
I know I do.
Looking through my to-do list from last year, I admit sadly, the only thing I can check with that little wriggly sign is " rearrange your closet so that easily-wrinkling dress can fit". Just in case, I sneak a peek. Yeah, it's totally wrinkled, she looks worse than a...well, something very wrinkled.
Getting over my demolished closet ( and adding it to my "to-do list: 2012. edition" ), still in denial, I know I need to get back to the topic.
So, here it comes.
So much is happened in this year. Though I was counting until the end of it, and praying end to come faster when I realize that it's just March, now that I'm so close to another one, I feel kind of strange...sad. Maybe it's because this year my grandmother died, I got into a fight with some girl (she drew the short end), changed high school (non related to a fight), met the love of my life, and then lost it. But that's another story.
Anyway, if we experienced so many different things in just one year, do we really need to-do lists? I say we should just dwell on our Christmas wishes. I hear Santa's sledges on the front lawn... :)

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