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петак, 10. јануар 2014.

Speak up. You need it more than you think.

Have you ever felt so anxious about what the future has prepared for you?

You see, I'm a religious person. I've always been. But lately, I've been relying on all kinds of signs along the way, wishes made upon the shooting stars, and overall, destiny. I feel like everyone has a destiny of its own, which makes me afraid if there's even a point of fighting for what (or who) we want, if the destiny had a plan for us all along, maybe even before we were born.
When it comes to me, one thing has never changed. I am a huge jinx. It's like everything I do, turns around to bite me in the ass. Literally.
So along the way, I adopted the famous saying: "Don't expect anything and you won't be disappointed". But like everything else, I had stuck to it a little too much.
And one day, I just stopped. But it wasn't for no reason, of course. My destiny has hit me so hard that I've needed some serious amount of time to get back on my feet. But I wasn't trying to do do from the beginning. I don't know, I guess it felt too good just lying there on the ground, hiding from the world and pretending you don't exist. Eventually, that world moves on from you. Then hours turn into days, and days into weeks and months, so you get used to just...existing. Not feeling. Not doing. Not enjoying. Just, being there. There's nothing wrong with that.
Or at least I was convinced so.
And that lasted for too long, a lot longer than it should have. To completely understand why some people do that, like me, you need to remember that everyone of us deal with a lot of problems, but not everyone handle them as well as the others. Some express it out loud, so everybody can hear it, even the ones who don't want to. But others, like me, choose to keep it inside. For some time, it really works. Nobody can see, nobody can hear. You can easily pass as a normal person, just like every other. But trust me, it's not that easy. Nothing is.
You see, when you hold inside you something that should have came out a long time ago, you get sick. Just like that. You become seriously ill. And when that happens. It's very hard to get healthy again. But why I've learned during my recovery, is that everyone can hurt you, but at the end of the day, you're the only one who can help yourself. You need to find your inner strength, whatever it may be, and use it in the best way you can. It's easy, honestly. You just need to sink deep down and find it. Well, not that easy, but doable. Definitely doable.

среда, 29. август 2012.

Toby will betray

So, I know how every Spoby fan in the world is now disappointed and shocked by the unbelievable discovery from 3.12. That's right, the hottest heart breaker in Rosewood broke the hearts of the millions of fans around the globe by joining the dark one letter named side, the A team.

I have to admit, I cried, screamed, chocked on my snack and even considered throwing my laptop out the window, but then I decided to do exactly opposite.
I decided to give my poor heart a little break, and watch all Spoby scenes again. And it hit me.

In the scene where Spencer and Toby are saying goodbye to each other after the most beautiful first time I have ever seen on television, Toby hugged her, I looked really closely his (perfect!) face and I saw it. So clearly. There it was, right in front of me all along. His face was just...sad. He looked like he was hesitating, doubting in something, himself maybe?

Because, let's admit it. We couldn't fall in love with them if they hadn't fall in love with each other, right?

So, I'm thinking, Toby can't be so cold blooded. Above all, he loves Spencer. And I also think that the directors wanted us to know that by shooting this scene where we can catch a glimpse of Toby's sadness, doubting, and resentment towards himself.

My point is, he will betray again. He will betray the A team. He will stay exactly what we have seen in 3.12, a betrayer to the very end.

петак, 24. август 2012.

Melissa can't be A / A - team THEORY (SPOILER ALERT)

So, you know how I'm being obsessed with Pretty Little Liars lately?
People around of world are speaking their thoughts about who A is, who is the BetrAyer, what happened to Ali etc, so here is my review of that :)

Ok, so we all know from the Pilot episode (and also books) that Melissa is a hell of a suspicious girl, right? We all think that little miss Perfect Hastings is plodding against our prettiest little liars, but here is my theory. 

Melissa can't be A. 

Why? I have a very simple answer to that question. 
But you already knew that, right? 
What I meant was, Melissa, no matter how much evil exist in her being, she's a girl like every other on this planet. She is paranoid, confused, curious, anxious, and what's most important to my theory here, she is JEALOUS. 

We all know how Ian just loved to add some fuss in Rosewood. And we also know he hooked up with Courtney DiLaurentis. 

Remember how in the end of season 1, when he fought Spencer and suddenly A appeared and..well, killed him? A second before that Ian asked terrified: "What are you doing here?" which means that Ian knew A, more precisely, HE WAS ON THE A - TEAM. 

And Melissa knew that he was with Courtney, so she could never be on the same "team" or whatever with him (even though she continued to be his girlfriend and all). 

And what is the main goal of the A - team? That's right, REVENGE. Revenge to our four pretty little liars. Melissa is a smart girl, she would never be with Ian unless she had a plan of her own to destroy him. And when a girl has to choose between getting back to her little sisters friends or destroying her sleazy ex completely, oh, what will she ever pick? 

I know what you are going to say, what about all that Spencer/Wren situation? Well, when we look this situation from another point of view, we'll see things clearly, right? And the truth is, however dreamy he might be, Wren is one slimy jerk who can't pull himself together and stick to one girl per season. 

So to conclude my expose, I don't think Melissa is on the A - Team. It would've been to easy. I think she has a plan on her own, and that she will storm with it when we least expect it, leaving us, once again, completely and utterly shocked. 

But what do you think? Fell free to comment (it's a blog post, for crying out loud!:D) and let me know what you have to say! 

недеља, 29. јул 2012.

"The Carrie Diaries" newest star

So apparently CW has found a nemesis for our sweet teenage Carie Bradshaw. 

For '80s Carie life is all about surviving high school, making friends (especially boyfriends) and not ruining her grades, just like every other teenage girl on the planet, right? 

So in the spirit of all that, no matter how nice the girl is, high school for sure won't be. And that's where appears our (also adorable) Chloe Bridges as Donna Ladonna (catchy, right?), the most popular girl in school, who is here especially to enrich lives of other students making them miserable. Aaaaah, high school. 

We remember Chloe from another also popular CW tv show 90210: The next generation and Disney Channel original movie Camp Rock 2. So how will this cutie ever fit into the role of mean girl? That is yet to see. But one thing is for sure, she will capture our hearts faster than we can say: "That's not Prada, I would rather call it Plada" .

уторак, 22. мај 2012.

"And whatever I do...I just can't shake him".

So, you remember that 81 foot long post about big, fat love, and even bigger and fatter disappointment?
Well, it's not true.
I mean, every single thing that I wrote is true, but I still haven't got it. My closure, I mean.
I haven't even noticed it, but it has been a year since then. But I still feel like it was just a day.

Have you ever experienced that feeling when you are perfectly fine with yourself and with your life, but then, just like that, you see that person again and all of that comes back to you?
Yeah, exactly that happened to me just yesterday.
I can't quite explain it (like I could ever explain anything). But it just came to me.
One second, I was hanging out with some old friends, and in the next one, there he was. I didn't even realized he was there.
I just felt someone touching my arm. I turned around and... it all went down again.
I couldn't believe that was him. Right there. I couldn't speak. But I knew why he was standing there, and I also knew that it won't last forever, so I leaned into him and he kissed me on the cheek. I don't know what idiot came up with the idea of kissing when you meet someone you know, but I will punch him in the face if I ever meet him. Hard.
And that was enough. It was enough for me to see him for 3 seconds, and a whole year went down the drain. And when I got back home that night, something unbelievable happened. I slept like and angel. Whole night. No disturbing dreams, no crying, no, ...nothing. I just fell asleep.
I still can't see "why is this good". Why is good that I spent a year on him, and nothing changed. He hurt me like no one else ever did, but I still feel everything. I would take him back again. I know he is bad for me. He is everything I ever hated in people, and yet, he is everything I ever needed. In the beginning I thought that that's a price you need to pay, because it's true love. But now I see that it's all fake. Nothing in this world ever makes sense. Nothing ever did. I was fooling myself for a long time, but I think I got to the end of that road. I can't keep doing that to myself.
I still curse the day I met him. It was exactly 11 months since then today. It feels like just yesterday.

субота, 12. мај 2012.

Dance, yes. Love, next.

I just can't understand something. It's just not...understandable.
I mean, it's not like I'm complaining about my life or something. Because that's gone with the wind a long time ago.
But I don't get it! How can shallow and selfish people get everything they want always?! AND I DON'T?!
How is that fair?
For example, this one girl. She always wants what she can't have, and then when she gets it (after 2 or 3 desperate days), she throws it away faster then she got it.
How can that be? I don't want to be like her, I don't really care about her life.
But what did I ever do to deserve this? Was I, like, a rat in the past life?
I can't get those words out of my mind:
"Always remember,
you will live
you will love
you will dance again".
I guess that's true...but for other people! For crying out loud, when will something good ever happen to me?
I know this post isn't really in the spirit of this blog and stuff, but I promised I will write every thing that's on y mind, right? If you don't trust me, just check the right side of this filled with bitterness page ;)

субота, 10. март 2012.

The sweet ghost of mine

Have you ever caught yourself going to the next room looking for something, and the second you walk into it, you forget what is it that you wanted to find? That happens to me all the time. But last night...well, I realized something. As I always do.

I got up from the bed searching for something..."Damn it! What was it? Never mind, I'm going back to bed". And so three times. I was stupidly going back and forth in the dark, when I remembered those stories that me and my friends were telling when we were bored. Those stories about ghosts. "Whatever you do", my friend said, "never, ever, go back and forth in the middle of the night". "Oh that's crap!", I said then, and I'm saying it again.

Because the truth is, I'm not afraid of ghosts. I am one. I'm the ghost of the person I used to be. I look back to that careless 8th grade girl and I think, why can't I be like her? I once was. Why can't I be again?

I know she's still there. Somewhere inside. Very deep inside. She's just... waiting to break free. Waiting for that perfect moment. And she will. I know she will. I promise.