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недеља, 29. јул 2012.

"The Carrie Diaries" newest star

So apparently CW has found a nemesis for our sweet teenage Carie Bradshaw. 

For '80s Carie life is all about surviving high school, making friends (especially boyfriends) and not ruining her grades, just like every other teenage girl on the planet, right? 

So in the spirit of all that, no matter how nice the girl is, high school for sure won't be. And that's where appears our (also adorable) Chloe Bridges as Donna Ladonna (catchy, right?), the most popular girl in school, who is here especially to enrich lives of other students making them miserable. Aaaaah, high school. 

We remember Chloe from another also popular CW tv show 90210: The next generation and Disney Channel original movie Camp Rock 2. So how will this cutie ever fit into the role of mean girl? That is yet to see. But one thing is for sure, she will capture our hearts faster than we can say: "That's not Prada, I would rather call it Plada" .

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